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Notice Period Jobs

IT Jobs Hiring Trend

Out of 3.27 billion employees across the world, a whopping 45 percent of the employees are planning for resignation in the next 12 months. Every day around 1,54,325 employees are quitting their jobs for any reason and serving notice period. This includes voluntary quits, layoffs, work life balance, job security, better work environment, culture, career growth and raise in salary etc as per recent studies. This rate is increasing every year and it is hiking the recruitment cost to the companies. In some cases 200% cost for replacing the expert employees. Due to this, the time of hiring a job seeker or employee once a resume is selected for the job vacancy is reduced gradually. In case of IT Jobs, companies are showing more interest to hire employees with one week notice period, 2 weeks notice period or one month notice period in order to find the quick replacement. is focused to address this trend of the job seekers and the requirement of the employers with continuous efforts by building a bridge for the employers and the resignation notice period employees. With expertise and technology, we are working to reduce the time taken for hiring and job search.